Customer Supplied Parts

Customers Supplying Their Own Parts

“Will you fit the parts if I supply them?”

This is a question many workshops are asked and the simple answer is that no, we are not prepared to fit customer supplied parts.

There are many reasons for this decision including safety and reliability. We provide a quality professional service and part of that service includes providing parts which meet OE (Original Equipment) specifications. Many cheap parts do not conform to UK safety standards and garages could be liable to legal action should anything go wrong. The garage is always liable regardless of any disclaimers.

We have highly trained and knowledgeable technicians who can diagnose problems with your vehicle. They will then source, supply and fit quality parts before carrying out final checks. This is a chain that it is not acceptable to break by using customer supplied parts.

We understand that everyone likes to save money wherever they can but in the long run we have found the saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ is particularly relevant where cheap car parts are concerned. There are lots of fake car parts on the market at the moment and it is not easy to tell them apart from genuine ones until it is too late. This compromises the safety not only of the vehicle owners but of other road users too.

To put it another way….

Would you go to a restaurant and take your own food for the highly trained chef to cook? Of course you wouldn’t.