What is Remapping?

All modern engines have “maps” stored in the ECU which make the engine run. These are designed as a compromise for vehicle manufactures who have to cater for everyone, from the boy racer to the old lady doing the shopping run. Quite often one map fits all models. This is why we offer a remapping service.

A software remap releases the potential of your engine. Increases in torque and power with both turbo petrol and turbo diesel cars not only makes the vehicle more responsive and driveable but can deliver gains in fuel economy too. Increasing the power output means less throttle is needed for the same acceleration, therefore using less fuel.

Drighlington MOT Centre remaps are custom built to your car so we can take into account your needs. Do you want to tow a trailer for instance? We can alter the torque curve to give your car more pulling power at lower revs thus making towing easier. Top end power? Better acceleration throughout the rev range? We can even reduce power to make your vehicle extremely fuel efficient!

VW Group Emissions

The Volkswagen emissions scandal has led to many VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda diesels having a software upgrade at the dealers. This is causing major problems with the cars after. Volkswagen group are denying these problems are related to the upgrade but they are. EGR valves are failing causing running issues, DPF problems and EML (engine management light) warning lamps being illuminated as well as an increase in fuel consumption and a drop in power. To replace the EGR valve is a lot of money and will not fix the problem. We have a solution. Call 0113 2879050 for more info.

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  1. admin says:

    Carl wood says:
    August 10, 2015 at 12:27 pm (Edit)
    Took my car for re-mapping Friday afternoon it now goes like a train. Really happy with work done didn’t take long either and the price was very reasonable would recommend anyone getting car re-mapped by them A+++++thank you

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