Our Services

Our Services

Here at Drighlington MOT Centre we can do more than just MOT your car. We offer a wide range of services to keep your Volkswagen, Audi, Peugeot, Renault, BMW (just to name a few) in tip top condition. We are able to service and repair any make of car.


Regular servicing of your car helps to ensure it performs at its best. That’s why we offer a fixed price service menu. We believe the old ways are best so we offer both interim service and major service at a fixed cost. Not only does this keep your car in good health it also means you know exactly what it will cost and with regular servicing we can advise of any upcoming problems so you can budget for those too, thus eliminating any nasty surprises. (please note: Due to each car requiring specific oil we cannot include the price of oil in our fixed price therefore all services are plus oil.)

Every major service comes with a free diagnostic health check so you know exactly what your car’s needs are.

What we do.

  • MOT

  • Servicing

  • Repairs

  • Diagnostic

  • DPF repair and regeneration

  • DAB installation 

  • Tyres

  • DSG 6 speed

  • DSG 7 speed clutches

  • Re-mapping

Our continuing programme of training and investing in new technologies, means we are at the forefront of vehicle diagnostics.

Is your engine management light, ABS light, DPF light or any other warning light illuminated? Early diagnosis of problems ensures your vehicle is back on the road quickly and at minimum cost. Ignoring warning lights means problems can often develop elsewhere as a consequence of the original fault, making diagnoses more difficult and more expensive.

Please see our other pages for more information on DPF problems and Re-mapping:

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Problems?



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  1. Daniel P Silvester-Worrall says:

    Good afternoon, I have been referred your details by a terra clean agent. I have a
    Volvo V70 reg: AK06DPU that has a blocked DPF and looking for pricing
    And availability to get booked in.

    Kind regards


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